Solid Ground Bodywork
Orthopedic Massage

Your Sessions

Initial Session
Depending on what you want, I usually request your initial session be at the 60 or 90 minute rate. And I ask that you have an additional 15-30 minutes in your schedule to fill out a short intake form and discuss your history and goals. The actual bodywork (and coaching if desired) will be at least the length you pay for and there is no extra charge for the intake procedure. I like to explain basic principles of my work to de-mystify it before and during the first part of your initial session. There will still be plenty of silence for you to have a deeply relaxing and transformative session. I will really appreciate hearing from you a day or two after your first session and I may ask your permission to call you.
A Typical Session Description
It may help you get the most from your sessions by planning what you would like our focus to be. Together we structure each session considering your current situation, your goals and your history. Sessions generally begin and end with a short check-in and/or physical assessment. In addition to the hands-on bodywork, I employ comfortable passive stretches and movements on the table. And, if you are willing, I will request gentle, brief activities on your part that greatly aid in release of excess tension and tissue restriction. Most of the techniques employed will not require massage oil or lotion and if any is used it will be just a drop or two of unscented massage oil. If you have a favorite oil or lotion you want to bring for us to use that is fine. Although my work is very effective through a light, soft layer of clothing, most people choose to at least partially disrobe for the longer session lengths. If you choose to disrobe, I will leave the room for you to get comfortable on the table under a clean sheet. Other than your head and neck, only your back, arms and legs will be uncovered while we work in those areas. In addition to sharing insights into our work together, I often offer ideas for self care based on my many years of study and practice of several mind/body disciplines. I recommend that you take things easy for a while after your session for maximum benefit from the session. Effects of your sessions will likely continue to develop over the next 12-24 hours and the benefits felt for days longer.
 You are the expert on what you are wanting and feeling. Please let me know immediately if you would like something different or if anything is uncomfortable or doesn't feel right even if you're not sure why. Finally, I am very open to communication between sessions about things related to our work.