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Orthopedic Massage

Bodywork Modalities

Orthopedic Massage reduces pain and tension and assists in recovery from acute and chronic injury. It is effective for:

  • soft tissue injuries
  • joint conditions
  • peripheral nerve entrapments 
  • everyday aches, tension and stress
  • improving performance in work, music, sports, and all sorts of activities

My Orthopedic Massage sessions are thorough and deep as well as gentle and very relaxing. Easy stretches and movements are used on the table and suggested for self care.

Orthopedic Massage is the creation of Thomas Hendrickson DC. It is based on the unique groundbreaking work of Lauren Berry PT, as refined and modified by Tom Hendrickson after extensive study of other advanced bodywork approaches, chiropractic, osteopathic soft-tissue techniques and Tai Chi.

Lomi Somatic Therapy is a meditative process of discovering and releasing patterns of tension and stress and their physical/emotional roots. Lomi work is a synthesis of eastern and western healing arts brought together with powerfully focused attention. Our joined attention opens the way for insight and change. Techniques in bodywork, breathing, movement, and vocal expression may be used.

My Lomi instructors, Richard Strozzi-Heckler PhD and Robert Hall MD, were two of the founders of Lomi. They were among the first westerners to study with Randolph Stone DO (the creator of Polarity Therapy.) Together or independently they also studied Gestalt (with Fritz Perls,) Rolfing, yoga, Tai Chi, Aikido, Sufi and Vipassana meditation and hold advanced degrees in Psychology and Psychiatry.

I also study and employ techniques of Eric Dalton's Myoskeletal Alignment and Til Luchau's Advanced Myofascial Techniques