Solid Ground Bodywork
Orthopedic Massage



  • 1000+ hours certified trainings; extensive additional workshops, individual study & supervision
  • In private bodywork practice since January 1994
  • Long term study of mind/body disciplines including yoga since 1979 and professional music performance since 1971
  • Compassionate, respectful client/practitioner skills developed in: private bodywork practice since 1994; 4 years in clinical setting; 10 years of on-site massage; 6 years study of personal coaching; private trumpet and brass teacher since 1975


  • 1997  Certificate in Orthopedic Massage (200 hour post-graduate training) Institute of Orthopedic Massage, Kensington CA, Thomas Hendrickson DC, director,     
  • 1999-05 Supervision with Gail Stewart, senior bodyworker and leading Trager practitioner
  • 1998-01 Workshops with Dean Juhan, senior Tager instructor
  • 1998  500 hour Massage Certificate, Phillips School of Massage, Nevada City CA
  • 1994  Certified Massage Therapist (200 hour training), Phillips School of Massage, Nevada City CA
  • 1993  Lomi Associate (200 hour Lomi Somatic Education training), Lomi School, Petaluma, CA, Robert Hall, MD and Richard Strozzi Heckler, PhD, founders and instructors  
  • 1996-02   Study of Radical Therapy with Beth Roy, San Francisco and Skills For Change coaching with Julia Kelliher, Nevada City, CA.
  • 1980  Graduate study in trumpet, California Institute of the Arts, Valencia CA
  • 1977  BA in Music, University of California, Santa Cruz

 Related Experience

  • 1985-89 Intensive study of Iyengar yoga with Evlaleah Howard, back-care and therapeutic yoga specialist and founder, San Francisco School of Yoga.
  • 1987  Alexander Technique lessons, Nora Nausbaum, San Mateo CA
  • 1979  Introduction to Iyengar yoga, Dunja Lingwood of Anacortes WA
  • 1990-92 Study with Arnold Jacobs, Chicago Symphony—brass pedagogue world-renowned for mental/physical approach including in-depth study of breathing
  • 1983  Study with Kato Havas, Oxford UK—string instrument pedagogue famous for helping students overcome mental/physical blocks and/or injuries

 Related Employment

  • 1994-present Private bodywork practice, Nevada City CA
  • 1998-02 Massage therapist, Lake Wildwood Chiropractic, Penn Valley CA
  • 1996-06 Subcontractor with Bodywatch On-site Health Services, Nevada City CA