Solid Ground Bodywork
Orthopedic Massage

Bio and Philosophy

My fascination with how the body works, and how the mind works with and through the body, began in the mid 70’s with my career as a classical trumpet player and teacher. Early problems in my trumpet playing, periodic bouts of severe low back pain and a desire to help my students had me delving into subjects of posture, body mechanics and the psychology of movement. I received various styles of bodywork and began practicing yoga. I also studied with two music teachers world-renowned for helping musicians overcome injuries and mental/physical blocks. I find the careers of music and bodywork complimentary, mutually inspiring and very rewarding. Along the way, I studied personal coaching in the work of Radical Therapy and it's more body-oriented off-shoot, Skills For Change. I use coaching skills in my bodywork practice, personal coaching sessions and music instruction.

I began my professional bodywork practice in early 1994 with certificates in Lomi Somatic Education and Massage Therapy and earned my certification in Orthopedic Massage in 1997. I continue to study advanced bodywork modalities including Myoskeletal Alignment Technique and Advanced Myofascial Techniques.

In every session I ask what you would like. Your goals, general and specific, are the starting point release current or chronic pain, tension and habit-patterns that may keep you from living, working, playing and feeling better. I want to know how best to be of service to you so information and feedback from you is very much appreciated. In addition to designing each session to achieve your goals, I can offer a multitude of ideas for learning and self care. In this, I see my role as a coach, empowering you with new ideas and support for better self care. I love helping people feel better and I love helping people to help themselves feel better. My support is very non-judgemental, creative and compassionate. I really understand the mystery and frustration of not feeling as well as you'd like and how hard it can be to try new things especially when you may feel confused, helpless or like you've tried so much already.

I maintain and promote an open compassionate desire to understand and accept your discomforts and difficulties in any way that makes sense to you. I like to start with the material level (your body and experiences) and then bring in other levels of understanding as they arise (emotional, metaphorical etc.) Our combined compassionate attention then becomes a powerful, direct and graceful means to greater comfort, vitality, and wholeness.